About FNMI

The Foundations of Naturopathic Medicine Institute is an international and intergenerational team of more than 300 authors, 33 editors, 11 colleges and universities, and 13 agencies of the global naturopathic medical community. 


To advance health in individuals, communities, our environment, and our world through fostering and disseminating innovation in education, scientific inquiry, public policy and clinical practice, resulting from investigating and understanding the nature of health, illness and healing.


To codify, transcribe, publish and distribute naturopathic medical knowledge, concepts, models and their applications to benefit, vitalize, and sustain our health, humanity and biosphere for present and future generations.


To contribute to health creation and a thriving profession through codifying and unifying distinct knowledge held within the naturopathic medical community; integrating traditional knowledge with modern science; rapidly disseminating codified resources, teaching tools, learning platforms, and nearly lost traditional knowledge; and informing the therapeutic order of global health.

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