Therapeutic Order Educational Poster | $49.95

Therapeutic Order Poster

This beautifully designed Therapeutic Order 24″x36″ Vinyl Poster is available for purchase to grace your classroom, office, or home wall for $49.95 plus shipping anywhere in the US.

One of the basic assumptions in science is that nature is organized, ordered and inherently has recognizable regularity. Since naturopathic therapies respect nature and all it has to offer patient healing, it follows that this same regularity and order should be reflected in the way naturopathic principles are applied. The therapeutic order is based on the idea that the human form possesses an inherent drive to heal itself. The least possible amount of force should be employed when in the patient’s best interest in order to promote gentle safe and long-lasting health and well-being. The therapeutic order characterizes the natural order that naturopathic therapies can be utilized in order to maximize benefit and reduce the potential for damage or harm.

The therapeutic order works from least to most invasive intervention, and works from the inside out, from more general strategies removing causative factors, and establishing an environment conducive to health to optimize the overall healing process, to more symptomatic, specific and targeted therapies. It includes seven steps that should be applied from the bottom up, increasing in intervention as needed to restore health. Central to the therapeutic order is that the order is not rigid, it is adapted to each patient, yet follows this pattern overall, most efficiently to “treat disease by restoring health.”

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