Therapeutic Order Clinical Assessment Software Tool | $19.95

The Therapeutic Order Assessment Software Tool uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence modeling to predict future disease risks and improve current health status with a therapeutic order based assessment. The more complete the information entered, the better and more revealing these predictions become. Reports are custom generated specifically for each individual.

Recommendations are made based on the entirety of the questions that are answered into the Therapeutic Order Assessment Software Tool, not just the answers in the most recent intake. These recommendations are meant to augment, rather than replace, your current medical treatment. Please make sure that you work with licensed medical providers to incorporate the recommendations on this report.

The Therapeutic Order Assessment Software Tool consists of six steps:

  1. Personal Profile (Birthdate, Gender, Ethnicity, Height, Weight, Postal Code)
  2. Lifestyle habits (multiple choice)
  3. Dietary habits (multiple choice)
  4. Metabolic health (multiple choice)
  5. Health history (multiple choice)
  6. Symptom review (multiple choice)

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