Emunctorology is a synthesis of traditional naturopathic medicine practice and modern science that provides a multisystem construct allowing the integrated study of the organs of elimination (the emunctories), their functional relationships, the role they play in maintaining normal physiology (homeostasis) through the elimination of waste material and toxic substances, the pathophysiology that occurs if the emunctories function sub-optimally or are diseased, and the clinical strategies that are used in modern naturopathic medicine to treat, nourish, tonify, stimulate and sedate the emunctories in the maintenance of good health.
Myers SP, Kruzel T, Zeff J, Snider P. Emunctorology: Synthesising Traditional Naturopathic Practice with Modern Science. Integr Med (Encinitas). 2019 Jun;18(3):40-41. PMID: 32549808; PMCID: PMC7217398.
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