Our Role

Importance of our work

Naturopathic medicine experienced ‘near death’ (200 NDs left in North America) in the late 60’s and early 70s, leaving students in the modern era with a huge gap to fill—a near “broken lineage” of knowledge transmission. There were few specifically naturopathic books and fewer ND journal publications and articles. FNMI has been not only writing, codifying, synthesizing and editing, we have been finding, amassing, interviewing, transcribing, and organizing this lost body of knowledge. This “knowledge” then has had to be“codified” through a unique and resource intensive process. Our work matters because:
  1. Codification of knowledge is necessary for making a global profession viable. 
  2. The lineage of naturopathic medicine and experience remains at risk of being lost.
  3. A common foundational knowledge base is will unify the profession.
  4. This work contributes to creating a healthy world.
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