Dr. Ervin, also known as Dr. Sunshine, has been said to be “kind and direct, passionate yet practical.” 

Dr. Ervin will engage you in understanding the unique needs of your body and create sustainable ways to get those needs met. Specializing in autoimmune conditions, hormone balancing, stress recovery, and gut health, Dr. Ervin incorporates eclectic self-care practices into treatment plans that are easy yet comprehensive.

Dr. Ervin is tireless in searching for the cause of disorder in the body. People of all walks of life can expect to be warmly welcomed and challenged in their growth. Dr. Ervin’s doctorate from Bastyr University, background in pharmaceutical research and ten years of experience with teaching Yi Ren Medical Qigong provide a wealth of perspective in each consultation.

Dr. Ervin is passionate about hydrotherapy and has traveled to many international destinations to train and experience the many ways to heal with water.